Why haven`t I learned this before?

I am trying to log on and do a bit of work while at an airport, but I forget some of my passwords. My current passwords are strong and different, but I did not keep note of a mnemonic for them. This reminds me of some bad habits I have had for a long time. Often when I start computer related projects I am excited and dive right in. If I take any notes at all, they are cryptic. Poor note taking may be ok when I am working on something intensely, but when I`m interrupted it`s difficult to get started again. Sometimes these projects end up abandoned. So, one of the things I hope to learn from this course is to be more disciplined with my notes related to computer projects in the same way I am much better at writing down detailed references when I am working on a paper. Taking good notes saves time. You likely already know this, I am still learning that.

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