Removing Colors from a Map.

This map below conveys a lot of information using color. Topographic lines are brown, water features are blue. It’s a visually complex map. I wanted to see if I removed non-text blue and brown features on the map, could I improve optical character recognition of the text in black. This is a quick note about the process.

Original map tile, the “before” image.

I used this short program to filter the color so that features in black were retained while lighter colors were changed to white (255,255,255).

import cv2
import numpy as np
# This is the 1 map tile we'll use for this example:
from google.colab.patches import cv2_imshow
img = cv2.imread('/content/drive/MyDrive/crane_maps_syria/maps_large/Djeble_georef/jpg_tiles/r07c09.jpg',-1)

# Thanks to

# Define lower and uppper limits of what we call "black"

# Mask image to only select black text


img2 = cv2.imread('result.png',-1)

(above) After processing to filter colors.
(above) Before processing. Repeated here for convenience.

Below is the result of transcription and there is no visible benefit here. However this appears to be a useful method for separating analysis of map elements using color.

Results of transcription on a simplified map.

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